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Case Study: Transforming Thinkubator Media for Growth and Sustainability

Thinkubator Media achieved significant growth by restructuring their program delivery model, optimizing sales outreach, and implementing NPS survey campaigns. As a result, Thinkubator Media saw a 27% increase in revenue, a shift towards a stronger CEO role for the owner, and secured a five-figure retainer with a notable university in Boston.

The Challenge

In 2023, Lori, the owner of Thinkubator Media, approached me as she was struggling to navigate the critical third year of her business. This year is often make-or-break for small businesses, with statistics showing that 50% fail by this stage. Lori needed a sustainable growth strategy to ensure her company's survival and success.

Our Approach

To address Lori's challenges, we implemented a multi-faceted strategy focusing on both her personal and business goals. Key actions included:

  1. Integrated Vision: We aligned Lori's life goals with her business objectives, recognizing her dual role as a business owner and a mother.

  2. Program Delivery Model: We restructured her delivery model to be repeatable rather than bespoke, making it easier to take on new clients.

  3. Sales Optimization: We refined her sales outreach and pitch process to shorten the sales cycle.

  4. NPS Survey and Testimonials: Implemented campaigns to gather feedback and testimonials to enhance client support.

The Results

Our efforts yielded significant improvements:

  • Revenue Growth: Lori saw a 27% revenue increase by the year's end.

  • Shift in Focus: Lori's focus shifted from working in the business (70%) to working on the business (60%), allowing her to take on a stronger CEO role.

  • New Product Launch: Lori launched a new product, combining her passion for communication strategy with her leadership duties.

  • Major Client Acquisition: Secured a five-figure retainer with a prestigious university in Boston.

Testimonial and Conclusion

Lori praised our unique ability to make anything possible, highlighting the importance of balancing work in and on the business. This balance is crucial for CEOs, especially when scaling their businesses beyond the million-dollar mark.

Our method of integrating work-life goals, strategic planning, and focusing on high-value tasks proved effective. Lori's success story is a testament to the impact of a holistic approach to business coaching.

If you want to achieve similar results, let's have a conversation. Thanks for reading.

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