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Hi, y'all! I'm a business consultant and coach with a proven track record of helping B2B small businesses and entrepreneurs accelerate their earnings and maximize their potential using Business Agility principles. I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in team building, resource management, change management, sales, and business development, and account and relationship management processes.

I help companies assess change readiness before making huge investments in the spirit of seeking growth or modernizing the business. Resulting in better decision-making and smarter investments for managing change. I help companies find a management system that drives predictable results while balancing performance and well-being. I help teams create community around and connection with the vision.


My background in Digital Media, Technology, and Operational Excellence spans over two decades of driving business transformation, enterprise software development, leading diverse teams, and revenue growth for commercial and not-for-profit businesses. I have led diverse teams delivering best-in-class user experiences, SaaS products, and customer success. I continue to help businesses evolve to meet the needs of the modern consumer while optimizing operations and increasing revenue.

I'm originally from Texas, and after earning my Bachelor’s degree at Boston College chose to make Boston my home with my family. I'm a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner. I've been trained as an EOS Integrator.


Creating memorable experiences with well-planned trips with my family and/or friends brings me joy, especially when visiting theme parks or exploring different cultures across the globe. I value family, a well-executed plan, connecting with people, active collaboration, doing my best, making a meaningful contribution, and unwavering integrity. I believe life is a healthy balance between working and accomplishing, lifelong learning, having fun, relaxing with friends, and personal reflection and growth.

Where does my experience come from?


I began my career in adult education and technology teaching software applications at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, then moved into Media as the Director of Digital Media for CBS Boston advancing digital advertising solutions and multi-media content initiatives. I joined NPR Digital Services to elevate local journalism's digital experiences which expanded the reach and impact of Public Radio. I served as an executive at Blackboard leading Partnerships Strategy and Operations learning about multisided marketplaces and SaaS models. I started consulting and experimenting with my approach to strategic planning and goal setting for small businesses after leaving NPR. Most recently, I worked with BizHack to transform their business model from a digital marketing training academy to a Fractional CMO services agency while doubling year-over-year revenue.

How I discovered my purpose?

I spent years working inside corporate America navigating environments where I could tell you a sob story or two about some of the pretty bad experiences I've had. But then I wouldn't get to share the lessons I learned, the skills I acquired, and leverage the great experiences I've had with you. I loved working in Media and EdTech. I learned that every company needs to become its own media company alongside its product or service. I came to understand the type of leader I am today. I decided to leave corporate America and find environments better suited for me to show up as the best version of myself. I believe that silver linings are everywhere, you just have to look for them.

My purpose is to help leaders and business owners as an advisor, strategic plan facilitator, and operational excellence champion so they can create their own roadmap to success. As an avid student of organizational leadership and operational excellence, I incorporate transformational and participative leadership principles, various agile methodologies, and proven management systems, e.g. Scrum and EOS, into the needs of each organization. 

As an advisor, I work closely with my clients to identify their strengths, overcome obstacles and challenges, and create clear roadmaps for sustainable growth. With a focus on time-tested business systems and strategies to increase revenue, I foster a mindset of continuous improvement and success for my clients and their teams.

Read how I approached rebuilding a broken-down culture here:  Building a Thriving Culture in 4 Not-so-Easy Steps

Read my thoughts on Leadership: The Business Imperative of Trauma-Informed Leadership: Improving Performance and Reducing Costs

Some of my achievements:

  • Launched a new Digital Services business unit for NPR, doubling the customer base from 120 to 300 accounts in one year, exceeding the $5M revenue goal

  • Led cross-functional communications for the NPR One mobile app GTM launch, touted as the most successful NPR product launch at the time

  • Replaced and migrated users to a new portfolio of NPR Member station digital products while maintaining the existing product line and increasing NPS scores

  • Co-led the digital transformation pitch that received approval for a multi-year business technology upgrade for NPR, creating efficiencies that captured over $80M in revenue and provided a 360-degree view of the customer data

  • Finalized the sale of the NPR Member station audio streaming service, freeing resources for new initiatives

  • Led the turned around of an NPR division after 40% of the staff left, reducing attrition to 9% in two years, beating the company average of 11%

  • Led the consolidation of two digital divisions to align with a new strategy, knowing it would eliminate my role in the process

  • Restructured the CVS Online digital advertising program while at Triad Retail Media and built deeper relationships with clients resulting in a 13% increase in revenue for the agency

  • Expedited business model changes so effectively that I have consulted myself out of my job in my last 3 jobs (ask me and I'll tell you about them).

  • Coached a Founder to expand their portfolio of services with new pricing, replace their underlying marketing technology, and diversified their revenue model so that they can scale their business in 2023.

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